Calibration Services

Meyer Gage calibration services are essential for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of pin gages, as well as other types of O.D. and I.D. gages. Our calibration process covers a wide range of gages, including trilock & taperlock, progressive, master setting discs, and ring gages. We understand the importance of precision in measurement, and our dedicated, fully-automated climate controlled inspection room ensures the highest standards of gaging and measurement reliability. To guarantee the utmost accuracy, our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with a custom-designed HVAC system and a microprocessor-based environmental management system. This allows us to maintain a consistent environment at 68° Fahrenheit (+/- 1°) throughout the year, ensuring minimal measurement uncertainty. Moreover, our laboratory has achieved A2LA accreditation, certifying compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards, and is committed to upholding these rigorous quality and precision benchmarks. Our commitment to excellence in calibration services remains unwavering, and we continue to strive for the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in gaging and measurement.

Certificate of Class / Conformance

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This Certificate of Conformance serves as a general acknowledgment that the gage has undergone testing in accordance with relevant industrial standards and has been measured using tools that can be traced back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T).

It is important to note that the certificate does not include specific information about the gage size or the exact standards to which it complies. Additionally, while it states traceability to national standards, it does not provide thorough details about the reference standards used for the measurements.

Essentially, this certificate primarily functions as a manufacturer’s warranty disclaimer and disclosure of limitations. It is a standardized, mass-produced document that can be applied to any gage produced by the manufacturer.

Certificate of Calibration

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The Long Form Calibration reports are furnished with readings that are 4, 5, or 6 places to the right of the decimal point, in accordance with ANSI Standards. These readings depend on the class and type of gage being calibrated. They provide precise and detailed information essential for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the calibrated instruments. This level of accuracy is crucial for industries where precision is of utmost importance, such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. The reports play a vital role in maintaining the quality and consistency of measurements, ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of operations.

The measurement of master disc or cylindrical plug gages follows the guidelines outlined in ANSI Standard B89.1.5-1998. Similarly, the measurement of ring gages adheres to the specifications detailed in ANSI Standard B89.1.6-2002.

It is important to note that the “In tolerance conditions are based on test results falling within specified limits with no reduction by the uncertainty of the measurement.” This emphasizes the significance of ensuring that test results are within the specified limits without being affected by measurement uncertainty.