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The Material. We use only superb quality steels in our ring gages such as 06 or Alloy Steels such as 8620 and Heat Treat our blanks to a minimum of 58RC.

The Stabilization Process. Subsequent grinding operations can introduce heat and stress. Meyer puts all blanks through a stabilization process, cycling them through temperature extremes from -130°F to +300°F.

The Precision Lapping Process. “Lapping” is the finishing process that removes small amounts of material from the gage surface and brings it within its final tolerance limits.

Inspection with NIST – traceable gages. In our Metrology area conditions are a strict, cool 68°F where the relative humidity is between 30- 50% and all of our masters are traceable to NIST.

Chrome, Steel & Tungsten Carbide Ring Gages information & pricing


  • MASTER: bilateral (split) tolerance.
  • GO: unilateral (one way) minus tolerance.
  • NOGO: unilateral (one way) plus tolerance.
  • Ring Gages are manufactured in accordance with ANSI spec B89.1.6 – 1989.
  • ROUNDNESS and TAPER of all gages will not exceed 50% of applicable gagemaker’s size tolerance and are non accumulative.
  • CARBIDE RINGS have tungsten carbide inserts with steel jackets. (Tungsten Carbide Ring Gages Only)