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The Material. We use only superb quality steels in our ring gages such as 06 or Alloy Steels such as 8620 and Heat Treat our blanks to a minimum of 58RC.

The Stabilization Process. Subsequent grinding operations can introduce heat and stress. Meyer Gage puts all blanks through a stabilization process, cycling them through temperature extremes from -130°F to +300°F.

The Precision Lapping Process. “Lapping” is the finishing process that removes small amounts of material from the ring gage surface and brings it within its final tolerance limits.

Inspection with NIST – traceable gages. In our Metrology area conditions are a strict, cool 68°F where the relative humidity is between 30- 50% and all of our masters are traceable to NIST.

Chrome, Steel & Tungsten Carbide Ring Gages information & pricing


  • MASTER: bilateral (split) tolerance.
  • GO: unilateral (one way) minus tolerance.
  • NOGO: unilateral (one way) plus tolerance.
  • Ring Gages are manufactured in accordance with ANSI spec B89.1.6 – 1989.
  • ROUNDNESS and TAPER of all ring gages will not exceed 50% of applicable gagemaker’s size tolerance and are non accumulative.
  • CARBIDE RINGS have tungsten carbide inserts with steel jackets. (Tungsten Carbide Ring Gages Only)