Master Setting Discs *Styles 1,2,3

You can use these Master Discs to calibrate your measuring equipment. They are a must for your calibration lab and your inspection areas. Meyer’s Master Discs are available in three styles and come with a Certificate of Accuracy.

Master Setting Discs information & pricing


  • Class XX, X or Y
  • GO, NOGO, Bilateral tolerances available
  • Steel 60/62 Rockwell C
  • Comes complete with end grips
  • Material up to 1.510″ 06 tool steel through hardened 58/60 Rockwell C
  • Material over 1.510″ 8620 tool steel case hardened 58/60 Rockwell C
  • Roundness is within half of tolerance

Note: For the range above 1.510” to and including 8.510” A.G.D. standards for style #2 call for style #3 master discs separated by an A.G.D. separator plate and linked together with a tie rod and insulators.

STYLE #1 – Bilateral (Split) tolerance
STYLE #2 – Unilateral (GO plus NOGO minus)
STYLE #3 – Bilateral (Split) tolerance

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  • ISO 9001 registered
  • napt member
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